The SOLO series is designed for users who want HighEnd products with a really great look

and pure sound quality. Every detail and material of these products are carefully selected

by a group of car-Hifi enthusiastics, which guarantees the best, crystal clear, indescribably

sound quality to your car. don't only dream it, get it!

S3-SERIES has high-end speakers and amplifiers that are designed to anyone who want to hear music as it is!

Components used are top of the line quality for the pure sound quality in mind.

You has to hear these to believe!

S2-SERIES has high quality of speakers and amplifiers that is designed for anyone.

S2-SERIES are made from high quality materials and components.

S1-SERIES Speakers have an unbeatable price / quality ratio so anyone can enjoy music as they like it!

These 2-way component speaker systems have also coaxial option!